Hi, I'm Alex Pustov.

I research, self-experiment, and write about longevity in my spare time.

When I started my longevity journey a few years ago, I found no shortage of health recommendations. But as someone not coming from a medical world and not having a fundamental medical education, I struggled with making sense of a bigger picture. I asked myself: “how do these recommendations fit together? Why would they make you healthy or unhealthy"?” I knew that I’m not the only person feeling this way that is why I started this resource to share my learnings.

I embarked on the journey studying longevity and health and this became my biggest obsession in life. While I’m not an MD or PhD in molecular biology, I have a curious mind to figure things out for myself, good analytical skills (PhD in Economics), and enjoy simplifying things into understandable frameworks (former McKinsey consultant).

Why is this website called Touched With Aging? Looking at older people, I often see their internal youth. But externally visible changes feel like a touch of aging.

Contact: feel free to reach out at
pustov [at] gmail.com

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